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Trekking in the central peninsula

Elia – Aghios Pavlos – Petros - Elia
8 klm away from Nikiti on the mountain, it is located Aghios Pavlos' settlement. One of the trekking itineraries offered with destination Mount Itamos starts from Elia's coast and finishes to Apostle Pavlos’ church where close by you can find an ancient source of crystal clear water. Then, you arrive in Petros, a big sharp rock, walking the densely pine tree planted trails, from the top of which you can enjoy the beautiful view to both coasts of the peninsula.

Nikiti – Aghios Nikolaos - Nikiti
Another trekking itinerary starts from Nikiti moving in a circle on the mountain heading to Aghios Nikolaos. The itinerary is realized in the fields, sheep and goat pens, bee hives, olive groves as well as woodlands. First stop is a small chapel with a view to a valley and then trekking down to Aghios Nikolaos following a craggy trail.

Neos Marmaras – Parthenon – Neos Marmaras
One more long but fascinating 4-hour itinerary starts from Neos Marmaras and finishes in the traditional village of Parthenon. Passing by a waterfall, an old water mill with a dam and then walking into olive groves, forests and a valley you return back to Neos Marmaras either by the same trail or a less steep one walking along a small river.

Porto Karras – Vineyards – Porto Karras
An itinerary starts from Porto Karras' marina. Walking along the coast side road through woody tracks and small sandy coves, then trekking up to Porto Karras’ vineyards on the mountain, next to Giannis Karras’ villa, you return back walking through a vast variety of wild flowers and fruit-bearing trees.

Porto Koufo – Kapros – Porto Koufo
There is a trekking itinerary starting from Porto Koufo along the western coast of the peninsula and finishes in its southern edge, Kapros, passing through goat tracks with rich plant and animal life. From Kapros, we can see the remnants of a compact aqueduct and anti-aircraft guns bases dating back to the Second World War. Kapros’ view is marvelous, since you can discern both edges of the peninsula. When the sky is clear, you can even see Sporades islands to the southwest.

Sykia – Circular Itinerary – Sykia
A 4-hour walking itinerary starts from Sykia following a circular trail, quite steep, but safe. The trail is located in the north of the village, created by goats and coalmen steps and provides an enchanting view of the village situated close to the area.

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