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"I learnt a lot in Sarti. I had such a great time, classes where very useful for my Greek and the teacher helped me a lot in learning!"
Alice , 24years old, Italian

"Stefania Borona's teaching methods were very intelligent and easy to grasp. The true testament of the course was when my grandmother told me that I spoke so much better and our conversations improved. The location, Sarti is gorgeous and a lot of fun!"
Natalie , 35 years old, American

"Sarti is a really nice place in Greece, there are really beautiful beaches. The school was very nice and it was a good experience. I learnt a lot and the teachers were very good. We were all friends and I met nice people. It is worth going there at least once."

Αgni, 28 years old, Hungarian

"The teaching method is really good and teachers are very systematic. I enjoyed the courses, I didn't feel like doing a hard work but finally I learnt a lot. I really loved the educational games and that we were all friends, the students and our teacher!"
Martin,30 years old ,Germany

In two weeks in Sarti, I have learnt a lot. I have improved on my listening and speaking skills and acquired a lot of new vocabulary. I enjoyed learning in small groups with nice and competent teachers and swimming in the afternoon!
Lara, 23years old, Slovenian

I started learning Greek at Aristoteles School in Sarti last summer. It was fun, but I learnt a lot and still continue to learn Greek.
Jana, 53 years old, Slovenian