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Sykia - Porto Koufo - Toroni

Sykia is situated 6 klm away from Sarti. It is the biggest and one of the oldest and most beautiful villages of Sithonia. It depicts small, picturesque alleys with well-kept houses dated from 19th century that were built with recessed balconies and low benches. Sykia’s beach is long and wonderful. In this area, you can find hotels, rooms to let, restaurants, bars, cafés and a camping area. The remarkable feature though is the hospitality of the local people.

In the village’s northern hill, the imposing stone church of Saint Athanasios was built in 1814. It was destroyed and reconstructed in 1856. Next to the church, there is the marvelous village’s old school built with stone pillars in 1870. It is also worth to visit the mills of Sykia located in the beach and the prehistoric castle in Koukos hill.

Koukos hill is situated to the west of Sykia. It is a steep, rocky, high hill which is surrounded by a castle. It seems that a significant prehistoric settlement was lying there. Going up the hill is only realized by foot and it lasts half an hour.

Leaving Sykia, you pass by Linaraki coast (it is recommended for fish and appetizers eating), Klimataria coast, exotic Kiaritsi with its long sandy beach, two coves on its right and the characteristic sea soaked rocks. All these great beaches are located in the roots of Itamos, a woody mountain with plenty of roads and trails that make it ideal for trekking.

Continuing our trip, we meet Porto Koufo, one of the two ports of ancient Toroni. The port still maintains its ancient name (Deaf port in Greek), since the ancient people believed that whoever is in the Gulf cannot hear the sea’s sound. Porto Koufo was a shelter for pirates and their invasions to Chalkidiki. It is the safest and biggest natural port of northern Greece and it is almost always crowded with any vessel kind. Nowadays, it is a peaceful small fishermen settlement, a gourmands’ hot spot with a lingering fresh fish smell. Watching the port from a high point provides a unique view, since really high hills overhang the gulf which looks like a lake, since there is a very small opening to the sea that is hardly discernable.

Toroni is the next stop. This small village of glorious history gifted its name in Toroni’s Gulf and played a significant role in the Greek history. In the classical era, the city had two citadels, one to the south and one to Likithos, on the rocky peninsula to the settlement’s southern edge. Likithos was fortified during roman and byzantine years and the remains of the fortification still exist as well as the castle’s segments that were lying there. The current village is a small settlement spread out along the enchanting and infinite beach. You shouldn’t miss the old Christian church of Saint Athanasios, in which the mosaic of the central nave is in a very good condition.

Tristinika coast is also beautiful that is basically a sequence of Toroni’s beach. You should not miss visiting Aretes beach as well as the hidden Paradeisos coast.