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Stagira - Aristotle’s Park

From Ouranopoli, you can catch a bus to the birthplace of philosopher Aristotle, Stagira, which is situated approximately 40 klm. away. In this beautiful mountainous village, Stagira, located in the north-western entrance way of Stagira-Akanthos’ Municipality, it is situated Aristotle’s Park with a view to Ierissos bay. The park where lies Aristotle’s statue for years is equipped with interactive instruments (solar clock, telescopes, parabolic reflectors, lens, compass, pentaphone, optical disks, pendulum, water turbine). These instruments produce natural phenomena which are mentioned in the work “Physics” of the great teacher. From the inauguration’s park, four years ago, it constitutes the most popular destination for individual tourists and school groups, because combines recreation and education.

Moreover, besides the park, walking down to the village, you can visit the central church of “Birthday of Virgin Mary” which is of great historical value, built in 1814 under the auspices of Agion Oros and it is one of the few temples constructed in cruciform architectural rhythm. Furthermore, there is a very interesting chapel of “Panagia Spiliotissa” built in a rock.

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