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Scuba Diving Lessons
On Kelyfos Island opposite Marmaras, there are daily scuba diving lessons organized provided by a trainer. The whole equipment will be given to you by the Scuba Diving School. It’s a great opportunity to see the sea depths of Chalkidiki and feel absolutely free, breathing under water.

Kite-board Lessons
Being in any place of Sithonia, upon request, you can have theoretical and practical kite-board lessons on a daily basis.

Water sports
In some beaches, such as Sarti beach, there are special installations for water sports: windsurfing, tubes, banana and water-ski. For wind-surfing, Sarti beach is totally recommended.

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Sporting Events

Crossing Toroni’s Gulf
Every year, at the end of July, a swimming event of crossing Toroni’s Gulf is taking place, starting from Kallithea, Kassandra and finishing in Nikiti, Sithonia. It is a swimming marathon of 26 klm. Swimmers do not use anything to help themselves swimming. For their safety, swimmers are followed by power boats and high speed vessels that use wireless connection.

At the time that this event is realized, there is a 7-day fair of various activities including performances by dance and theatre groups, organization of sporting events, exhibition hosting and concerts featuring famous Greek singers. During the night that the winner is awarded, there is a reception for the officials and athletes as well as a live music party for all. The ultimate success of this event is its internationalization, since many foreign swimmers from all over the world participate.

“Sithoneia" sporting events
Since 2002, a very significant sporting event concerning athletics is organized in the Municipal stadium of Nikiti in mid-July. It is the international hammer throw meeting for women and men. World champions and Olympics winner athletes participate in these contests. Every year, in these games, it is used to honor a veteran athlete of Chalkidiki.