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Study Programme

According to the Center for the Greek Language of University of Thessaloniki, the basic knowledge levels of Greek as foreign language (for each of them there is the equivalent certification provided by the state) are four: Basic, Average, Advanced, Proficient. The Institute of Greek Language and Culture “Aristotle” provides seven groups: Α1, Α2, Β1, Β2, C1, C2, D. Students, after taking a classification test when visiting the institute, will be enrolled into the suitable group.

The groups created are consisted of 3-6 individuals and they are adjusted to the needs and interests of the students. Furthermore, private lessons are offered.

The classes are divided into cycles. Every cycle lasts two weeks. Lessons are realized from Monday to Friday and last four teaching hours a day (45 min considered an hour). The student can of course organize his/her programme and attend classes of less or more hours as well as one or two weeks.

For summer 2011, study cycles are organized as following:
  • First cycle: 26/06 until 08/07
  • Second cycle: 10/07 until 22/07
  • Third cycle: 24/07 until 05/08
  • Fourth cycle: 07/08 until 19/08
  • Fifth cycle: 21/08 until 02/09
Except for Greek language classes, the Institute offers a range of additional lessons that the student can attend in parallel with Greek language class or not. Classes can be realized either in Greek or English. Thus, students cannot only learn the Greek language and practice on remarkable Greek texts, but they can also enrich their knowledge on the Greek culture. The works that will be studied are characteristic specimens of the Greek culture that formed the modern west way of thinking.

Ancient Greek Literature
  • Odyssey by Homer (translation to Greek) – Epic
  • Iliad by Homer (translation to Greek)- Epic
  • Antigone by Sophocles (translation to Greek or original) - Tragedy
  • Helen by Euripides (translation to Greek) - Tragedy
Modern Greek Literature - Poetry
  • Poetry: K. Kavafis, O. Elitis, G. Seferis, K. Palamas, G. Ritsos
Greek Cuisine Classes
  • Greek cuisine classes with traditional recipes from different places of Greece.
Traditional Greek dances classes
  • Traditional dances of Τhrace, Epirus, Crete, Roumeli,Macedonia and of the Greek islands.