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Aghios Nikolaos

Aghios Nikolaos, situated 23 klm away from Sarti, is a traditional mountainous village on the eastern edge, when entering Sithonia. It is one of the most picturesque villages of the peninsula, dating from 14th century, with cobblestone alleys, a small square and a wonderful sea view. The village keeps the popular architecture of 19th century depicting the unparallel slab covering of new Catholic temple belonging to Xenofontas Monastery (1839). To the southwest of the village, in a half an hour distance, is situated the Vetrino hill (216 m) from where you can see the deep fortification sections of citadel and ancient settlement as well as enjoy a unique view of the whole area.

Those loving trekking can walk up the crest from Vetrino to rocky Vrahoto Mountain (492 m, one and half hour walking distance). From the crest you can relish the three peninsulas’ view and central Chalkidiki. Half the distance, there is Saint George’s chapel, a beautiful specimen of popular architecture of 19th century. Right under Aghios Nikolaos is Panagia’s bay which provides a picturesque port, fish taverns and great beach. From Panagia’s bay you can take a boat and make a tour of the peninsula and enjoy the beach that is not accessible by car. The most remarkable ones for swimming close to Aghios Nikolaos are Salonikios, Pirgos, Trani Ammouda coasts and Panagia’s bay.