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According to Greek mythology, Chalkidiki is the area where the Giants were born, when the blood of god Ouranos fertilized the ground after being mutilated by Cronus. It’s the place where the Olympian deities and the Giants were fighting during the time of Giants’ battle. The gods of Olympus finally prevailed in the battles that Earth provoked in order to take revenge on Zeus for imprisoning the Titans.

As legend has it that goddess Athena threw a huge rock to Giant Enceladus (earthquake in Greek) and put him under the soil. This is how the western peninsula of Chalkidiki, Kassandra, was created. It's the place where Enceladus (the word means earthquake in Greek) is buried alive and his attempts to liberate himself cause the earthquake phenomenon. Moving to the east, we meet the peninsula of Sithonia named after the son of Poseidon, Sithon, one of the mythical kings of Thrace. Finally, the eastern peninsula of Chalkidiki owes its name to the Giant Athos, since he grabbed a rock from the mountains of Thrace and threw it against the Olympian Gods. He missed though and the rock dropped in the sea and thus the peninsula of Athos was created.