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Neos Marmaras – Porto Karras – Parthenon

In approximately 45 klm away from Sarti, in the western coast of the peninsula, it is situated the most popular and cosmopolitan settlement of Sithonia, N. Marmaras. On the one edge, there is Paradeisos beach and on the other Neos Marmaras’ long beach. It is a wonderful place which strongly reminds of an island. Walking on the pine-tree planted track along with the sea, gives to the visitor a unique view to the amphitheatric N. Marmaras and the uninhabited Kelyfos island, which is located opposite and it has a shape of a turtle. On the settlement’s centre are the fish port and the Taxiarhes church, in which there are found the icons that Minor Asia’s refugees brought with them in 1922, the current residents of N. Marmaras. N. Marmaras has a very well-developed tourist infrastructure with a wide variety of hotels, rooms and flats to let. It is well-known for the great night life, since it offers a range of restaurants, cafeterias, bars and clubs which stay open until early in the morning as well as fresh fish provided by the picturesque fish taverns.

Two kilometers away from N. Marmaras, it is located the renowned hotel complex “Porto Karras”, where European Union’s Summits were hosted in the past. The complex includes conference centers, sporting facilities (18-hole golf court, tennis court and basketball court), Jockey Club, scuba-diving school, playgrounds, a winery you can visit, a specialized thalassotherapy and spa centre, marina (315 places) and a big casino.

On the altitude of 250 m, over N. Marmaras is lying the traditional settlement of Parthenon. It is the oldest village of Sithonia, situated on the slopes of Itamos, depicting a masterpiece of traditional architecture. From 1970 until 1980, Parthenon was abandoned by its residents who settled in N. Marmaras. Nowadays, the residents return reconstructing the marvelous stone houses, according to the traditional Macedonian architecture and the settlement is considered as protected. The holy temple of Saint Stefanos, the oldest one in Chalkidiki, the old primary school, the central water source in the village’s square and many chapels found again their lost grace. Parthenon is a “balcony” with a view to Toroni’s Gulf, keeping unattached the traditional architecture related to urban design. Furthermore, on an altitude of 817 m., Itamos hill is green with fir and black pine-trees and especially woody “Psaria” area are recommended for trekking or mountain biking.