Learning Greek on Vacation.com - Institute of Greek Language and Culture “Aristotle”

The Institute

Nowadays we live in a society depicting globalization features that by nature constitutes a multinational, thus multicultural and necessarily multilingual institution. Therefore, given the two-way relationship between language and culture, our society is the meeting place of different languages and cultures.

In this framework, the Institute of Greek Language and Culture “Aristotle” is attempting to be an environment of cultural exchange and contribute in the intercultural identity formation respecting special characteristics of each nation and civilization

The Institute of Greek Language and Culture “Aristotle” offers a range of summer classes which aim at bringing the students close to the Greek culture. This summer , for second year running , classes are realized in Sarti, in Chalkidiki. The Institute is situated really close to the sea.

The classes are addressed to everybody who is interested in the Greek language and civilization and meets a wide variety of interests. The students can choose between many offered subjects, except for the Greek language subject. The classes’ programme is flexible and it is adjustable to each student’s needs.

The teaching method implemented is mixed combining features of traditional, listening, speaking and communication approaches. Books are used together with communication activities, audio-visual material (internet, video, films, radio, newspapers), language games and experiential exercises borrowed from the theatre and psychology. The elaboration of literature and historical texts is based on the analysis through discussion.

The Institute is equipped by a group of young and experienced teachers that love Greek culture as well as meeting other foreign cultures. They are university graduates of the Greek Language and Linguistics Department and they are native Greek speakers.