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How to reach us

Sarti is situated at the central peninsula of Chalkidiki, Sithonia. It is 157 klm. away from Thessaloniki and it is accessible by car, taxi or bus.

By plane

Chalkidiki is serviced by the International Airport “Macedonia” of Thessaloniki which is connected with many every day flights from the biggest cities of Greece and Europe. In the airport you can catch a taxi or bus in order to reach Bus Station of Chalkidiki in Thessaloniki and then travel to any destination in Chalkidiki by bus.

Thessaloniki’s airport “Macedonia”
Tel. +30 2310 473212

By train

It is not possible to reach Chalkidiki by train. Those travelling by train, either from Greece or abroad, arrive in Thessaloniki’s Railway Station. You can catch a taxi or bus going to the Central Bus Station of Chalkidiki and then travel to Sarti by bus.

Thessaloniki’s Railway Station
Tel. +30 2310 517517, 517518

By bus

All villages of Chalkidiki are connected with Thessaloniki by bus. There are every day frequent itineraries all year long. During summer, there are five itineraries travelling to Sarti by bus every day.

Chalkidiki’s Bus Station (KTEL)
Thessaloniki’s Bus Station: Tel. +30 231 0 924444, 924445
Poligiros’ Bus Station: Tel. +30 2371 0 22309
Nea Moudania’s Bus Station: Tel. +30 2373 0 21228

By car

The fastest way of travelling to Chalkidiki from Europe is through Italy by car.
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