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Agion Oros

Agion Oros is an “Autonomous Monastic State” within Greece, the centre of orthodox monasticism and a place of significant national, historical, religious, literary and cultural value. You should not miss visiting Agion Oros, not only for the religious significance of the area, but also for its unparallel beauty. Monasteries remind of fortified medieval cities. A high wall amplified with turrets and scalding fabrications as well as a big imposing tower located in the highest point of the monastery create an overwhelming picture. In the middle of the wall is the one and only entrance of the monastery with two gates in a small distance one from the other. The gates close with heavy wooden doors covered internally with long iron blades and externally with big metal plates. Between the two gates there is a cell where visitors can meet the Gate Watcher (Piloros). Piloros’ job is to close the doors after the sunset and open them in the sunrise.

Unfortunately the entrance is allowed only for men. Women can stay in the boat in a 500 m. distance. Men who would like to visit Mount Athos should call Agion Oros offices in Thessaloniki three or four months earlier in order to book a ticket. The tickets cost 25-30 euro for a day or even a four-day visit. From Ouranopoli, the boat trip lasts two hours arriving in Daphne’s port of Agion Oros and then you can either catch a bus for half an hour to Karyes or walk on the beautiful trails of the area, where you can see unique plant and tree kinds.

Agion Oros Offices in Thessaloniki: 0030-2310.252575
For further information: http://www.inathos.gr/