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The Institute of Greek Language and Culture “Aristotle” provides foreigners and locals with intensive Greek language and literature classes. The classes are addressed to adults who are interested either in learning Greek or meeting Greek culture through the most significant works of classical and modern literature. They are specifically addressed to:
  • Foreign visitors who want to communicate in the local language
  • Foreigners working in Greece
  • Students or teachers
  • Ex-patriots living abroad who either do not know any Greek or want to improve it
  • Translators or interpreters
  • All those that are interested in getting in touch with literary works of Greek civilization
  • Whoever else is interested
The Institute's goal is to boost the Greek language and civilisation, get the students closer to the Modern Greek culture by mingling with the local society and help them develop the linguistic, intercultural and communicative ability. It also aims at giving the opportunity to the students-visitors to expand their cultural experience, get away from the typical tourism boundaries and understand in deep the Modern Greek thinking and living.

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